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As seen in feature documentary 'How to Thrive'

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The How to Thrive™ Program

    1. 1.1 Welcome to How to Thrive

    2. How to Thrive WORKBOOK - (editable PDF)

    3. 1.2 Connect to the Thrive Tribe Community

    4. 1.3 What is BEACON?

    5. 1.4 PAUSE AND REFLECT - Please complete the BEACON Star

    6. 1.5 Pause and Reflect - what was your BEACON score?

    7. 1.7 What does it take to be happy?

    8. 1.8 Happiness vs Thriving?

    9. 1.9 Can you rewire your brain?

    10. 1.10 PAUSE AND REFLECT -What do you focus on?

    11. 1.11 What went well?

    12. 1.12 PAUSE AND REFLECT - What went well?

    13. 1.13 Why 'What went well' works

    14. 1.14 How hopeful are you?

    15. 1.15 PAUSE AND REFLECT - What are you hoping for?

    16. References for this Chapter

    17. Chapter 1 Commitments

    1. 2.1 Introduction to Belonging

    2. 2.2 Are you connecting closely?


    4. 2.4 A blueprint for belonging

    5. 2.5 Know who you are & who you need


    7. 2.7 Not judging

    8. 2.8 Opening up


    10. 2.10 Connect closely, be present

    11. 2.11 How do you respond?

    12. 2.12 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    13. 2.13 Keep it up consistently

    14. 2.14 Find your third space

    15. 2.15 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    16. Chapter 2 Summary

    17. What will you do to cultivate Belonging?

    18. TAKE ACTION - Your commitments from this chapter

    19. References for this Chapter

    1. 3.1 Introduction to Engagement

    2. 3.2 What is Engagement?

    3. 3.3 How do we increase engagement?

    4. 3.4 Strengths and why they matter

    5. 3.5 Link to the VIA Strengths Survey

    6. 3.6 Understanding your strengths


    8. 3.8 Applying your strengths

    9. 3.9 Tuning Your Strengths

    10. 3.10 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    11. 3.11 Are you maximising meaning in your life?

    12. 3.12 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    13. Chapter 3 Summary

    14. How will you build Engagement? (Try this pages)

    15. TAKE ACTION - Your commitments from this chapter

    16. References for this Chapter

    1. 4.1 Introduction to Accountability

    2. 4.2 Holding yourself accountable for thriving


    4. 4.4 Connecting to your future


    6. 4.6 What is a vision board?

    7. 4.7 Making your Vision Board and HEART goals

    8. 4.8 Are you gritty with your goals?!

    9. 4.9 Balancing grit with grace

    10. 4.10 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    11. 4.11 Harnessing healthy habits

    12. 4.12 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    13. 4.13 Maximising your mindset

    14. 4.14 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    15. Chapter 4 Summary

    16. TAKE ACTION - Your commitments from this chapter

    17. References for this Chapter

    18. What will you do to cultivate Accountability? (Try this pages)

    1. 5.1 Introduction to Compassion

    2. 5.2 Kindness - a wellbeing superpower


    4. 5.4 Soothing with self compassion


    6. 5.6 Are you considered in your kindness?


    8. 5.8 What is reverse kindness?


    10. Chapter 5 Summary

    11. TAKE ACTION - Your commitments from this chapter

    12. References for this Chapter

    13. Extra resources - Kindness Guide

    14. Extra resources - Kindness Tip Sheet

    1. 6.1 Introduction to Optimism

    2. 6.2 The power of positive emotions


    4. 6.4 Lifting your ratio of positive emotions

    5. 6.5 Create a Joy Jar


    7. 6.7 Counteracting your negativity bias

    8. 6.8 It's OK to not be OK

    9. 6.9 How do our brains work?

    10. 6.10 How to calm your brain

    11. 6.11 Do you tell yourself stories?

    12. 6.12 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    13. 6.13 Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

    14. 6.14 PAUSE AND REFLECT

    15. 6.15 Can you power pose?

    16. 6.16 Can you find acceptance?

    17. Chapter 6 Summary

    18. TAKE ACTION - Your commitments from this chapter

    19. References for this Chapter

Course facts

  • 121 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content
  • 7 weeks x 1 hr live group sessions with Marie McLeod
  • Access to private Thrive Tribe group
  • Exclusive tools and resources. One off payment of $750 for a limited time (normally $1500) OR 3 monthly payments of $255

Dr Jess Murphy talks about How to Thrive™

What are people saying?

5 star rating

How to Thrive is an excellent tool

Kelly Stokes

How to Thrive is an excellent tool that brings focus to the holistic nature of our health and wellbeing, and therefore, our ability to thrive. Many of the t...

Read More

How to Thrive is an excellent tool that brings focus to the holistic nature of our health and wellbeing, and therefore, our ability to thrive. Many of the themes and recommendations align with Scripture, which is no surprise, as God is the author and perfect designer of our being, and His Word also describes the keys to thriving. This course is a practical model that focuses on a particular area of growth each week, allowing time to practise new strategies before building on them in a new area. I felt as though I was generally thriving before beginning this course, but the practical tips and new knowledge of some of the science behind mental and physical wellbeing has been insightful and has prompted new areas of focus in order to see further growth. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to develop in the area of self care and mental wellbeing. Well done, Marie! It is clear that you have a genuine desire to see people thrive.

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5 star rating


Belinda Gallegos

The fact that this course comes from a positive angle is very uplifting, rather than focusing on your weaknesses and what is ‘wrong’ with you. This course fo...

Read More

The fact that this course comes from a positive angle is very uplifting, rather than focusing on your weaknesses and what is ‘wrong’ with you. This course focuses on your ‘strengths’ and what is ‘right’ with you. This course gives you even positive and affirming, evidence-based ideas and suggestions to build up your wellbeing and your skills that you can use some or all of to help build your thriving future.

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star rating

5 star rating

Thrive 101 is for You!

Lucy Romana

How to Thrive 101 is a great program because it is all about helping you, me reach our full potential and giving ourselves permission to say No I’m not okay…...

Read More

How to Thrive 101 is a great program because it is all about helping you, me reach our full potential and giving ourselves permission to say No I’m not okay… but the good thing about this program it has opened my eyes, my heart to see me. Im a single grandmother raising 7 grandchildren. So my world is centred around them and there is so much to do. As their primary carer, my needs are non existent and irrelevant because all my focus is on them. They are all ready disadvantage because their parents are not around and they have been through alot… Im there provider, their security guard, their maid, cook, cleaner, mum, father, nurse, team mate, nan, carer. I’m meeting all their physical, and emotional needs so they don’t have to worry for anything. I will move heaven and earth to protect and keep them from harm. . How To Thrive 101 help me to see me and to do me. I have compassion for others but had non for me. I hid behind a wall of lies because as carers we are resilient, we are strong, we are long suffering, perseverance and patience… we have all the characteristics to show others but inwardly and silently I was dying. Marie asked me a question what makes you happy? With no other person involved and that was the key that started turning the lock to looking at me… The week following was Optimism and my eyes were opened… I saw me under all that rubbish I told myself. Not worthy, you need to be strong, they are more important, I’m okay, no worries etc… all lies Do this program, it has changed my life for the better. When I started I was a negative 4, but now I am a positive 8. I love me and I’m going to care for me and give myself time to enjoy life for me. It’s strange but amazing! Happiness is an emotion that gives you that lift… but once expressed, felt, given, received it can go just as quickly… but knowing how to Thrive in your emotional lulls as well as the ups and downs is the key to a full and thriving life style. Im talking about myself… for me acknowledging my weaknesses to myself and then to others was so hard. Even to give myself permission to love on myself… The guilt, the shame I told myself had me always loving on others to make them happy, which in turn made me happy. Happiness is the outward feeling I express but the joy I have now comes from within and this is where my thriving in all kinds of adversities, feelings, emotions, dreams and desire happen. Thriving is a life long challenge which will be a part of my everyday imprint. I’m okay with with It’s okay to say I’m not okay… it’s okay to say I can’t fix it, but we can try something else… it’s okay but that is not possible it is out of my control… Thriving to me at this stage is to enjoy the new found me. I will fill the inside of me with joy and from the joy from within will flow rivers of happiness to those around me and it will be genuine, honest and liberating. This has liberated me👏👏👏👏😄😄😄😄

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  • What dates are the online sessions?

    Week 1: BEACON basics Wed 13th March 12pm-1pm AEDT Week 2: Belonging Wed 20th March 12pm-1pm AEDT Week 3: Engagement Wed 27th Mar 12pm-1pm AEDT Week 4: Accountability Wed 3rd April 12pm-1pm AEDT Week 5: Compassion Wed 10th April 12pm-1pm AEST Week 6: Optimism Wed 17th April 12pm-1pm AEST Week 7: Nurture Wed 24th Apr 12pm-1pm AEST

  • Is How to Thrive for me?

    How to Thrive™ has been designed to offer benefits for anyone, regardless of where you are currently at on the mental health continuum. You might be struggling deeply, or functioning fine but wanting to improve your energy, productivity or potential.

  • Can I share How to Thrive with others?

    Yes! We hope parents, leaders and other practitioners will learn How to Thrive™ and teach it to others. We offer a follow up course for those wanting to become a Thrive Guide™ but you must complete How to Thrive™ for yourself first.

  • Will I be triggered by the course?

    It is unlikely that you will be triggered by the content of How to Thrive™ because it is designed as education, not therapy. It is not about your past, your problems or your trauma. However, you are advised to talk to your mental health professional if you need support or guidance at any stage.

  • Can I continue to see my mental health professional whilst doing How to Thrive?

    Yes! How to Thrive™ is designed to be complimentary to other mental health support you may receive.

  • What should I do if I need more support?

    We offer paid private and group coaching to amplify and support you to apply what you are learning in How to Thrive™. Please contact us via www.thriveability.com.au. If you need mental health support, head to your GP to get a mental health care plan or if your need is urgent call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or your local support line.

  • What is Positive Psychology and how is it different?

    Frequently the approach for treating mental health challenges is focused on understandings our deficits and disorders - but there is another side of those sciences - the science of what is right about us and what thoughts, actions, and behaviours we can all learn that make life worth living. Positive Psychology studies the conditions and processes that enable individuals, communities, and institutions to flourish. It explores what works, what is right, and what can be nurtured (Rashid, Summers, & Seligman, 2015).

  • What is BEACON?

    Our journey in How to Thrive is centered on the BEACON Framework™, an evidence-based framework informed by the science of wellbeing. BEACON is a metaphor for bringing light to the darkest part of ourselves and building hope for a more optimistic future. BEACON contains 6 “beams” of wellbeing: Belonging, Engagement, Accountability, Compassion, Optimism and Nurture.

  • What if I can't afford the program fee?

    We offer a 3 monthly payment plan or a one off payment. We want to make our programs accessible to all. If the course cost is beyond your means, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you. Send your request via the request concession button below.